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What Are Some Non-Dusty Birds? A List of Low-Dander Birds

What are some non-dusty birds? Are you looking for a pet bird but don’t want one that will make your allergies go crazy? Maybe you need to figure out what kind of birds are low dander. Well, have no fear! This blog post is here to help.

I will list some popular non-dusty birds that may be the perfect pet for you. Remember that all birds produce some dander, so anyone living with a bird will need to invest in a good bird air purifier! The air purifier will help collect finer feathers from every bird.

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Although if you are severely allergic, it is not wise to get a bird. Things to remember with a bird is that most birds are messy, and even if they are not dusty, their behaviors will create dust. Birds like to shred paper, shred wood, and throw food. So all of these behaviors make some amount of dust and mess!

This list will give you a good starting point in your quest for the perfect feathered friend!

Non-Dusty Birds (No Powder Down Coat) Hypoallergenic Birds

non dusty birds

While no birds are entirely 100% dust-free, the list below is the least dusty birds. So if you are looking for a hypoallergenic or non-dusty pet bird, these are your best bets.

Budgies (Parakeets) #1 Non-Dusty Bird

Budgies are not dusty birds
Budgies are non dusty birds.

Parakeets are considered the least dusty of all the birds. Their feathers are mostly smooth and don’t produce too much dander, making them an excellent pet for someone with allergies.

Since budgies are small and are not as loud as the larger parrots, they can make a great pet if you live in an apartment. Like most other non-dusty birds on this list, budgies are intelligent and need mental stimulation throughout the day.

You’ll need to study and learn more about them and all of their behaviors, and you can start here: Can parakeets sleep with noise?


Are conures dusty birds

Although sun conures are not as dusty as a cockatiel or African grey, they still produce some dust since they are birds. However, conures do not have a dust coat and are relatively dust-free birds. Conures are small and vary from 9 to 21 inches, but since they are very loud, they are not suitable for apartment living.

Eclectus (Non-Dusty Birds)

non dusty birds eclectus
High on the list for non-dusty birds.

Having an eclectus parrot requires someone with more experience and dedication. These parrots require a higher Vitamin C and vitamin A diet than most other parrots. You’ll need to learn what the best pellets for parrots are before getting an eclectus or any other parrot.

The eclectus parrots have an oil gland and do not produce dust like the cockatoos, cockatiels, and African greys. If you are looking for a non-dusty bird, they are a great candidate.


lovebirds are not dusty

While they don’t have the intense powder down a coat of an African Grey, they still produce light dust. If you have an air purifier with a HEPA filter running near the cage of the bird, then you’ll likely collect most of the dander. 

Lovebirds are great birds, but they will need proper socialization and playtime. Since they are inquisitive birds with endless energy, they will need an active owner willing to put the time in. Check out the differences between parakeets and lovebirds here.

Macaws (Excellent Non-Dusty Birds)

macaws are hypoallergenic birds

Macaws are dander-free birds. However, they do produce feathers when they molt yearly. However, you won’t find a fine layer of dust all over your house from having a macaw. Even though they don’t produce a lot of dust, they are still messy eaters and shred things that can create dust.

Macaws are extremely demanding birds and require plenty of out-of-cage time and interaction. So if you work a lot or have a busy life, this is not the bird for you. However, this is the case with most birds.


parrotlets are somewhat hypoallergenic

Since they don’t have dusty feathers and they are smaller than many other birds, the mess is minimal. Smaller than a budgie, they are a great pet if you don’t have a lot of space.

The parrotlets are for a more experienced bird person since they are known to be nippy and territorial. Just be aware that they can become possessive near their cage. One time I was bird-sitting a parrotlet, and anytime I went to change the water and food, the little rascal tried to attack me.


Pionus do not have a powder coat

However, there are better choices than a Pionus parrot if you are concerned about dust or have allergies. These medium-sized parrots are not as dust-free as a macaw, but they don’t have that powder coat like a cockatoo or grey.

On the other hand, if you don’t mind a little dust and have a good air purifier like the Coway, then a Pionus will make a great feathered friend.

Since they are quieter and less aggressive than an Amazon parrot, they can make a great companion.

Poicephalus (Senegal or Cape Parrot )

Senegal is not a dusty bird like a cockatoo

While they don’t have the powder down a coat of an African Grey, they still produce light dust. You’ll need to employ a regular cleaning regime if you have a Senegal parrot. 

Since they go through a nippy stage, it’s best to keep socializing them in this critical period. A Senegal can develop phobias of various objects if they are not exposed to new and unique things continually.


toucans are hypoallergenic and relatively dust-free birds

A Toucan does not produce any down or dust. Therefore if you have allergies to dust, a toucan is an excellent option for a pet bird if you can find one to adopt. Toucans are not as messy of an eater as parrots, so that the clean-up will be minimal.

Furthermore, toucans do not scream or screech like African greys and other parrots; therefore, they are considered quiet birds. They also need a lot of socialization to keep them from becoming aggressive since they are wild birds.

What is the Least Dustiest Bird? (Non-Dusty Birds)

Budgies, macaws, toucans, and Pionus are the best non-dusty birds.

Which Pet Birds are the Dustiest?

The powder birds like cockatoos, cockatiels, and African greys have dust coats. The powder is composed of feathers ground down to a fine powder. The powder helps to keep the bird’s feathers clean, waterproof, and free of parasites.

The powder coat is essential to the bird’s health and should be kept clean and healthy through regular showers. Furthermore, the powder helps absorb oil and moisture from the feathers, keeping them healthy and soft. The bird can renew the powder coat by preening or bathing.

Are Cockatiels Hypoallergenic?

Cockatiels, like African greys and cockatoos, produce a powder-down coat. Therefore, they are not hypoallergenic. If you have dust or feather dander allergies, then it’s best to avoid these birds.

Final Thoughts for What Are Some Non-Dusty Birds?

Some people are looking for non-dusty birds because they might be allergic to bird dust. There are a variety of hypoallergenic birds available, and this list can help you find the perfect one for your home.

We suggest adopting a bird that needs a home so you are not perpetuating the breeding and selling of birds. Parrot rescue organizations acquire surrendered birds, so we recommend looking into one in your local area.

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