Best Budgie Toys That Will Keep Your Bird Happy

Engaging your budgie with suitable toys is an integral part of their well-being. Toys serve both as entertainment and foster a stimulating environment that mimics their natural habitat. These playful birds need mental stimulation to stay active and healthy, and toys can provide the variety and excitement necessary to keep your feathered friend chirping happily. 

When selecting toys for your budgie, safety and suitability must be considered. Toys should be free of toxic materials, have no trim, easily ingested parts, and contain no sharp edges. You can purchase supplies from these companies below if you want to make DIY budgie toys too!

The toy size should be appropriate for your budgie to interact with without risk of injury. Additionally, diversity is critical; offering a range of toys will help keep your budgie engaged and allow you to identify which types they enjoy the most.

Best Budgie Toys for Little Your Feathered Friend

Best Budgie Toys

Keeping your pet bird entertained and engaged is crucial for their well-being and will help prevent self-destructive behaviors. Fun and interactive toys can prevent boredom and encourage physical activity, which is essential for your pet’s health. From colorful ladders to stimulating puzzles and bells, there’s a wide variety of great toys to suit every budgie’s personality. 

In the upcoming list, you’ll discover the best budgie toys carefully selected to ensure your bird stays happy and active. Whether you’re looking to update your budgie’s play area or searching for the perfect gift for their cage, these toys will surely be a hit with your chirpy companion. 

We choose perfect toys from independent bird companies to support small businesses. Plus, all the companies we feature have plenty of toys for larger birds!

Lil Monsters Bird Toys

lil monsters bird toys

Your feathered friend will love the variety and stimulation these handmade bird toys provide, keeping them happy and active all day long. Watching your budgie swing and peck at these awesome handmade toys is so much fun. The company had plenty of selections for tiny talons!

They also have a subscription box that gets your bird a new toy each month. The foot toy grab bag also offers plenty of options for keeping the selection fresh. Anyone with pet birds knows how you have to rotate their toys to keep them entertained!


  • A varied array of toys keeps birds entertained
  • You can create DIY toys for your budgie with the parts
  • Made of safe, chewable materials for bird health
  • Small business


  • Some toys may not appeal to all bird types

Hoot n Holler Bird Toys

Hoot N Holler bird toys

Hoot n Holler’s handmade bird toys are a must for any budgie’s habitat. The folks who design these wooden toys live with parrots and will surely capture your feathered friend’s attention and curiosity. 

Each toy is thoughtfully designed to encourage natural behaviors such as foraging, climbing, and chewing, contributing to your budgie’s physical and mental well-being. 

The durability and safety of these toys, combined with their creative assembly, make them an excellent choice for budgie owners seeking to enrich their pet’s environment and stimulate their playful instincts. This company has plenty of toys to encourage physical exercise in your budgie! So order some of these awesome chew toys and create a fun life for your bird!

The verdict is clear: your parakeet or small parrot would likely engage with these toys with the same enthusiasm as mine. They encourage natural bird behaviors like chewing and foraging. Check out our complete guide on parakeet care


  • Encourages natural behaviors
  • You are supporting a small family-run business
  • Variety enthralls birds for hours
  • Unique designs
  • Uses soft wood for tiny beaks


  • You may have to try a few toys to find one your bird likes

Miss Native Crafts

Miss Native Crafts bird toys

If you want to enrich your feathered friend’s life, Miss Native Crafts offers an assortment of bird toy parts and foot toys made from natural materials. Awsome for creating DIY budgie toys!

These eco-friendly bird toys are a unique option for making the best budgie toys. They use 100% natural fibers of Lauhala pandanus leaves!


  • Encourages natural chewing instincts
  • Variety keeps birds entertained
  • Awesome addition for DIY budgie toys
  • Great for small birds
  • Made from safe, non-toxic materials
  • Small business


  • You’ll need to string them up to your bird’s cage

Bird Tricks Budgie Toys

bird tricks budgie bird toys

Your budgie’s day is about to get much more entertaining with these different toys available from the folks at Bird Tricks. You can sign up for an incredible budgie toy bundle with a subscription box!

It’s a good option if you are busy and often need to remember to rotate your bird toys. The subscription box has 8 of the safest toys and is a great way to keep your bird engaged and happy!


  • Mimics foraging to keep your bird engaged
  • Durable materials withstand pecking and playing
  • Encourages exercise, improving your bird’s coordination
  • Will come on subscription
  • Family run business


  • There is limited variety for small birds in an otherwise colorful and interactive set

Royal Avian Parrot Toys – Good Toys

royal avian bird toys

Royal Avian’s parrot toys offer an impressive variety that suits even the most petite companions, like budgies, providing endless hours of entertainment and stimulation.

The toys stand out not only for their quality and safety but also for their ability to cater to your bird’s unique needs and preferences, with options that encourage foraging, shredding, and problem-solving.

What’s particularly remarkable is Royal Avian’s option for customizing toys. The customization allows budgie owners to create personalized playthings that perfectly match their pet’s personality and play style, ensuring your feathered friend remains engaged and happy.


  • Crafted from bird-friendly materials, ensuring a safe nibble-fest
  • Brimming with vibrant playthings to captivate your budgie’s senses
  • A breeze to set up, providing instant entertainment for your pet


  • May overwhelm shy birds with its cornucopia of dangling toys

‚ÄčBonka Bird Toys

Bonka budgie bird toys

On their website, you’ll find plenty of shredding toys, wooden toys, a plastic ladder, and even a play gym. If you are looking for many toys with an extensive selection, check them out. While a toilet paper roll can be fun for your little feathered friend, you’ll want to invest in some good toys to keep them busy.


  • Crafted from bird-friendly materials
  • Lots of variety to captivate your budgie’s senses
  • Fun toys
  • They also have an assortment of natural wood and sisal fiber perches


  • Some toys are made from plastics and not 100% wood

Windy City Parrot

windy city parrots budgie bird toys

Windy City Parrots provides a stellar selection of products tailored for the delight and well-being of budgies, from intricately designed toys to stimulate their intellect to cozy habitats that cater to their comfort. Their range ensures that even the most discerning budgie can find something to chirp happily about, with each item crafted to meet the specific needs of these small avian friends. 

Windy City Parrots’ unique feature is its attention to detail in offering accessories that support the health and happiness of budgies. I like how they have Budgie accessories as a category on their website. This makes it easy to shop for everything you need to keep your parakeet happy and healthy. It’s like a one-stop shop where they have top-of-the-cage toys and hanging toys.


  • They will ship anywhere in the world.
  • You can shop for your budgie as well as other parrots
  • They also have things to support the breeding season 


  • Some toys are made from plastics and not 100% wood
  • They do not hand make all of their toys like Hoot N Holler

Buying Guide for Your Budgie’s Cage Set-Up

When selecting the best toys for your budgie, consider several features that contribute to their physical health and mental stimulation. 

Since your parakeet is a type of parrot, you’ll need to ensure it is getting the proper mental stimulation. Here’s a straightforward breakdown to assist you in making an informed choice.

Safety First

Make sure the toys you choose are safe for birds. Look for non-toxic materials and avoid toys with small parts. You don’t want your bird to ingest these or choke.

Any of the companies we listed above are going to provide safe toys for your bird. However all toys need to be used at your own discretion.

  • Materials: Natural, bird-safe materials like wood, rope, and untainted metals like stainless steel.
  • Construction: Ensure all parts are securely attached to prevent accidental ingestion
  • Small balls: If a small ball is attached to your toy, be careful, as you do not want your budgie to choke on it.


A variety of toys keeps your budgie entertained and engaged. Offer a range of options to see what they enjoy most.

  • Activity: Include toys for shredding, climbing, and foraging.
  • Texture and Shape: Offer different textures and shapes to encourage exploration.

Stimulating Toys

Enrichment toys serve to keep your budgie’s mind active and mitigate boredom.

  • Puzzles: Encourage problem-solving.
  • Mirrors: Though they may provide social stimulation, you need to be careful, as they can cause stress for some birds.
  • Foraging toys: Allow you to hide treats so your parakeet has to search for them.

  • Complex toys: These will have a variety of textures and materials that encourage your bird to engage.
  • Bird Kabobs: You can make these at home by adding food, paper, and shreddable things to a skewer that you secure in the cage.

Size Appropriate

Ensure the bird toy size is appropriate for your budgie to avoid injury.

  • Proportion: Avoid toys that are too large or heavy, which may be intimidating or potentially harmful.
  • Don’t crowd the cage: Instead of cramming it with many different toys, add one or two, then switch them occasionally.


Opt for toys that withstand a budgie’s beak without breaking too rapidly.

  • Hardiness: Select items that can tolerate chewing and playing without dismantling.

Use this guide to help you discover a variety of toys that will keep your budgie happy and healthy. Remember to routinely inspect toys for signs of wear and replace them as needed to ensure ongoing safety and engagement for your feathered friend.

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